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Festive season is upon us and this pre-Diwali time you must be busy cleaning your home, shopping, cooking delicacies and getting everyone ready for the festival. In all these hectic moments is it difficult to spare time for yourself and have lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. This first tip will help your skin retain its glow even when you are tired because of all the running around.

Only three days are left for Diwali and if you haven’t already been making beauty parlour trips for a glowing skin, here is a schedule you can follow for the next three days for a DIY festival glow.

Day 1 – 28th – Home Sauna

d3Keep an hour aside today for your “me time”. Prepare a steam bath or a steamer and keep it aside while cleansing your skin. Using your regular face wash, cleanse your face and neck area. Now, scrub your skin lightly in upwards circular motion using your regular scrub or a homemade scrub.

To make an home scrub – Mix brown sugar and coconut or olive oil in a 2:1 ratio, blend a small to medium cucumber crushed finely or the juice of it and mix all of these together.

After scrubbing for about a minute, clean your face with lukewarm water, and then enjoy some steam to clean your pores. You can add a few drops of an essential oil in your steam for added benefits and aromatherapy. I personally love lemon, orange or lavender essential oils as their aromas help me relax. Cover your head with a thick towel and let the steam wash over your face for 2-3 minutes for clean and beautiful skin. This is one of the easiest home tips for glowing skin.

The next step is applying a pack. Here are some DIY face pack recipes:

  • Banana honey face pack for extra dry skin – Don’t throw away overripe bananas. Mash them up, add some honey and apply the mix on your face and neck for super soft skin. Wash off after 15 mins.
  • Tomato and honey pack for normal to combination skin – Mash up one tomato and mix with a spoonful of honey. Apply all over your face and wash away after 15 mins for soft, smooth skin.
  • Tomato and lemon juice for oily skin – Tomato and lemon together fight oiliness and act as a natural bleaching agent. Mash up one tomato and add a few drops of lemon juice. Apply on your face and wash off after 15 mins.

Apart from the above, multani mitti and sandalwood make for great skin illuminators so look out for these when buying your next face pack. Remove the pack with cold water after 15 minutes and pat your face dry. The next few steps summarized as CTM – cleanse, tone, moisturize are important from an everyday perspective too. Toning your skin with a good toner after wash is important to maintain the pH levels as most soaps drop the pH levels of our skin and allow for infections and breakouts to infest. You can buy natural toners from Ayurveda cosmetics shops like Kama or Forest Essentials. I can vouch for Distilled Rosewater toners from both the companies as I have used both. The one from Forest Essentials smells so good, like little droplets of heaven on your skin and I almost got addicted to it.d2

Once your toner has set into your skin use a serum (choose a type that suits your skin). Serums have higher potency and are more nourishing for your skin than creams and moisturizers and also help avoid aging. I have been using pure Aloe Vera gels instead of serums and actually I was quite surprised by the glow these gels can deliver. After finishing one bottle, I have refilled my closet with this hydrating facial gel from Forest Essentials (Rose, Aloe Vera and cucumber). In humid Bangalore weather the gels are enough to hydrate my face (as my skin is slightly oily). If your skin is dry or if you live in dry, cold weather conditions then it is a must that you use an oil based moisturizer over your serum so your skin retains maximum moisture.


Day 2 & 3 – Deeper glow

Repeat the two select process of face wash and face pack for the next two or three days and you will notice an immediate glow  to your festive mode. While most of us regularly clean and take care of our skin, we aren’t aware that to really see a noticeable difference to our skin it is important to regularly do these skin spas. A minimum three continuous day ritual of face packs followed by once a week ritual is needed to bring back your natural radiance.

If you don’t have time even for this, you can hide behind makeup but pick your beauty products with care, and look out for quality rather than brands. ‘In the festive season, opt for waterproof mascara, eyeliner and transfer-resistant lipsticks so that the makeup doesn’t smudge and melt.’ ‘Wash and cleanse the face and rub ice cube for few minutes to lower the skin temperature that allows the makeup to sit on your skin. Highlight the eyes with pastel colours. Pink and lighter shades of brown will enhance your festive look. Your clothes and jewellery are gorgeously striking. Complement the look with pastel shades of makeup. Your clothes and jewellery will be gorgeously striking, so complement the look with light, pastel shades of makeup.

Now, for some inspiration for Diwali looks, here are a few celebrity looks from Diwali 2015 that I absolutely loved:

To buy the Forest Essentials gel product from Flipkart, click the below image:

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