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With the demanding lifestyles today, especially for working women, it is sometimes impossible to take out time to visit a parlor and spend hours on the road for a simple blow-dry or a mani-padi. In this scenario of constant time crunch, homemakers or working mothers and party girls just couldn’t relax.

But the commute to parlors just became easier, actually it became non-existent. With home services such as now the parlor comes to you, just like everything else this helps save so many hassles. We all love work from home option, we all love ordering groceries online and even shopping online. There is no denial that this does definitely makes us lazy, but there is no sweet pleasure equal to the comfort of your home.hj3

I availed Housejoy’s 7 AM service because I needed an early start to the day. Housejoy can get me ready as early as 7 AM, be it for a board room or for a day out at very affordable prices. I wanted a body massage and a face cleaning service and I was able to book the service 24 hours in advance. I was a bit hesitant to try an at-home service as I had never really done this before but the housejoy girl was very professional and sweet. I was instantly comfortable with her.face1hj2The spa was relaxing, the only thing missing were those intoxicating essentials oil smell and whiffs that are used in professional set-ups. But keeping that aside, the massage lasted a good 45 minutes. The girl was sweet to throw in a bit of head massage too as I was feeling a bit under the weather. Following this was a lovely face cleaning service, and even after a week today I can feel the positive glow on my face.

You can check out their catalog and read about their services on their website or book an appointment using their mobile app. All you need is a couch or a bed where the beauticians can perform their service.


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