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Going to the spa can be quite an overwhelming experience if it’s your first visit. You feel excited to let yourself loose and be pampered but there is definitely a touch of anxiety and uncertainty. You are not alone in this, many people feel anxious to get a body massage. But believe us, a day at the spa can be a really wonderful and relaxing experience when it’s done right. So we are here to make sure that it goes well for you.

Read on to know how you can have a great first time at the spa!


1) Do your research: Before finalizing a spa center, research thoroughly. You can check their packages, the prices (most spas will not be cheap), the kind of massages and facilities they offer and then pick the one that caters to your needs. Since there is no point in choosing a spa blindly, here are few options that are generally available at all spas- a relaxing body massage, a facial, a body wrap or a therapeutic massage treatment.

2) Ask a lot of questions before booking: You can specify exactly what you are looking for and talk to them about any pain or stress you have. You can even tell them that it’s your first time at a spa. Most of them will be more than happy to answer your queries. Make sure you proceed only when your doubts have been cleared. Don’t worry too much about knowing what to do during the spa too, because someone (masseuse) will be there to guide you throughout

3) Prep yourself : There are certain etiquette you should follow before going to the spa. Ensure that you are clean and tidy. Also, avoid heavy meals and a lot of liquids to make sure that your bathroom breaks are limited during your spa experience. Instead, bring a small snack with you to bring up your sugar level after the massage. Also, try to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment.



1) Communication is the key: Be very vocal with your masseuse. Tell them what you like or dislike. If you have certain stress areas that need more attention or trouble spots which need to be avoided, let them know. If you are fond of any particular aromas or essential oils, find a spa that incorporates that oil or ask the center to give you a whiff of the aroma before the massage.

2) Be comfortable: Remember, you have the power. If you are not comfortable getting butt naked, you don’t have to. All of your body will be covered with a sheet, except for the area that is being worked upon by the masseuse, you shouldn’t feel apprehensive about the exposed skin as your masseuse will be a professional and conduct herself / himself with grace and according to your comfort. Just relax and try to enjoy it. At the end of the treatment the therapist will leave the room while you put your robe back on or take a shower. Ensure to ask for hot water in the shower (if you regularly use hot water to bathe) before entering the treatment as many-a-times spas provide only cold water to allow the muscles to kick-start after the relaxing massage.


1) Take the details: If you liked your masseuse, take note of their name so that you can opt for the same person even the next time. If you liked a particular stroke or an aroma, take note. Also if you didn’t like something, feel free to give feedback at the reception.

2) Don’t jump back into your schedule: After a relaxing day at the spa, do not stress yourself out again. Take the day off, drink some green tea and just chill!


Picture this – Candles, silence, peace and an excellent masseuse. Plus you now have your spa etiquette guide. So, when are you booking your appointment?

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