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With the demanding lifestyles today, especially for working women, it is sometimes impossible to take out time to visit a parlour and spend hours on the road for a simple blow-dry or a mani-padi. In this scenario of constant time crunch, homemakers or working mothers and party girls just couldn’t relax.

But the commute to parlours just became easier, actually it became non-existent. With home services such as www.vanitycube.in  now the parlour comes to you, just like everything else this helps save so many hassles. We all love work from home option, we all love ordering groceries online and even shopping online. There is no sweet pleasure equal to the comfort of your home.

My Experience with Vanity Cube

Vanity Cube’s motto is – “If you want to feel beautiful, we believe you must”. I agree. I have gotten comfortable with at-home parlour over the last year, since these services have proliferated and unlike my first at-home experience, I wasn’t anxious at all this time. In this post, I will be reviewing their mani-padi service and an O2 facial.

Their staff was right-on time, not at all obtrusive and very friendly. The beautician was also very learned and experienced. Just by feeling my muscles, she could tell that I hadn’t had a massage in a long time. The service began with the beautician quickly arranging her equipment for manicure and pedicure. This service was a treat to my sore skin, as, since moving to Bombay, I haven’t really pampered myself. The beautician followed all the steps that make for mani-apdi and spent enough time massaging my feet and hands. 

O2 Whitening and Brightening Facial

The beautician just knew her way and I did not wish for the session to end, because honestly, her massaging technique was just so on-point. Now, if you are a regular at face clean-ups and spas, you will know that most parlours do not massage for more than 1 minute and that too just the neck area. But the beautician from Vanity Cube spent a good 15-20 on the massage, and not only my neck but my shoulder and upper back too. It was almost as if I got a massage session with my clean-up. I loved it.

Steps followed – Clean-up, scrub, mask, rubber mask and massage. I would say that the service left my skin supple, moisturized and radiating. It’s has been one week since I got the service and even as of today, I feel my skin smooth and brightened.

You can check out their catalogue and read about their services on their website or book an appointment using their mobile app. All you need is a couch or a bed where the beauticians can perform their service.

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