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Everyone loves coloring their lips to add an extra touch of glamour. Be it matte or glossy, nude or bright, lipsticks or lip balms, these products are now available in various combinations and colours. While most of us know how to apply, not many of us are aware of how to look after a lip product or how long it can be used before it expires.

Most of the times, there is no clear expiry date printed on the packaging or the product. So, how do you find out when to toss? Here’s a list of up to when lip products can be used:

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  • Lipsticks- 2 years
  • Lipliners- 1 year
  • Lipgloss- 2 to 3 years
  • Lipbalms- 1 year



If you feel that your lip product is runny, extra sticky, too dry or has changed colour, it means that it has crossed it’s lifeline. Using expired products can lead to a lot of side effects, like blackening, swelling, pus and boils. This is not limited only to lip products, but all cosmetics. The shelf life of make up is usually between 6 months to 3 years, so always make sure you clean out your shelves on a regular basis.

There are many other symbols and labels on cosmetic products that are hard to decipher. You need not pay attention to all of them, but these are the ones you need to note:


  1. Date of manufacture โ€“ the most obvious way of checking.
  2. Production date/batch code – This signifies when and where the product was manufactured. It helps you identify how old your product is. In case an exact expiry date is not printed on the product, you can refer to the batch code. For example, if it says that it was manufactured in September 2015, it means you can safely use it till September 2017.
  3. The ”Flame” Symbol: Shows that this product is inflammable and can catch fire if exposed to high heat or fire. Make sure you keep these products away from heat at all times. Also, avoid keeping your cosmetics in direct sunlight or low temperatures. Room temperature is preferred for preserving it.
  4. Ingredients: It’s an absolute must to read the ingredients/chemicals used in the product. Always avoid cosmetics that are comedogenic (i.e products that can cause acne, allergies, infections etc ). You may be allergic to some product, in this case if you feel any sort of irritation after application, wipe it off and wash immediately with water
  5. The symbol of an open box or PAO: In the case of many products, they will not reach expiry until and unless opened. This symbol with the writing next in it will denotes how long you can use the product safely before it expires. Ex: 12M in the open box denotes, that the product can be used d for 12 months after opening
  6. PAO is especially important when it comes to Ayurvedic or natural products. Since these products donโ€™t use many preservatives; the life of these products is generally 15-60 days after opening. In case of longer use, there may be mold growing on your products. If you find that your product has changed, dispose off it immediately. It is very important to know the usage period of natural products to avoid harm instead of the benefits these products offer.

Remember, ladies, style is important but safety is essential ๐Ÿ™‚ Clean out your shelves on a regular basis to get rid of expired products. Here is a list of items I had to dispose off as they crossed the safety timeline:

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