I know you, I have been you, I am you. I speak to every women of this country. When I think back and read the news about 2017, many events

When we talk sea and sand, we also instantly think of beach fashion. More often than not, in India beach fashion is limited to denim and this makes me sad.

The latest trend in dressing is ”smart-casual”, but rather than causing excitement it inspires a sense of uncertainty, especially for men. So, you get an invite to an event with

As I do my first gift guide, I want to suggest diamonds – no shocker there!! Well, we can also select a pair of clothes or cute little cosmetic hampers

Once again we borrow from our traditional silhouettes to showcase infused fashion. By instilling modern flare to traditional garments, we are trying to create a thought of rediscovering our love

There seems to be a realization where tradition is not enough and it’s not just about boundaries of one-single culture, a realization that is about re-discovering one’s own spirit. Can

Summer is right around the corner and the days have begun to get hotter. When going out for a coffee / brunch with your girls or just simply going for

There’s nothing more elegant than simplicity; be it one’s personality or choices of ways to dress up. Simplicity never goes unnoticed and surely is rare to find in today’s world.

It is that time of the year when many of us travel, many on personal tours and some on business trips. While on any trip, it is best to know

The raw denim culture has new ground rules. This season’s double-denim or denim-on-denim trend will add a strong and dominant vibe to your personality. We spotted many celebrities, friends and colleagues