I know you, I have been you, I am you. I speak to every women of this country. When I think back and read the news about 2017, many events

20-25-27-29-! I am turning 30 in a few days, and I haven’t done most of the things on my list. Damn I don’t even have THE LIST. I must be

Through this article I hope to establish certain misconceptions around Feminism and hope to evoke and influence your opinions positively towards equality. What is Feminism? The act of advocacy of

You are nature’s neutral. So while you get more and more submerged in modern life, the greater innate craving you develop to immerse yourself in the physical beauty and inherent unity of this

Her methods may not be conventional, her looks definitely aren’t. She has warmth, wit, style, and not to mention an uncanny sense of confidence. Her manner might inspire you or

Wimbledon has seen some of the greatest athletes of all time and tennis as a sport is celebrated by millions of fans around the world. In fact any sport is,