Well I feel quite privileged when I say that I got to try an experience at a 200 year old barber shop – The regal “Truefitt and Hill”. On 8th

Once there lived a young Queen in a faraway land and she was given a special present from a great wizard. It was a magic chest which would bring happiness

Her methods may not be conventional, her looks definitely aren’t. She has warmth, wit, style, and not to mention an uncanny sense of confidence. Her manner might inspire you or

‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ or ‘A Diamond is Forever’ has more often than often persuaded us into perceiving this gemstone as a symbol of love and affection. I

  You might be surprised to hear this, but one can find paradise amongst the uncomfortably chilly mornings or a stormy rain night right in their homes. Your home is

I feel that citizens of big cities have accepted chaos as a way of life. But, we humans are made for peace and we should keep in touch with tranquility. Off

While the front row attendees may portray their messy street style or the elegance chic look with ultimate ease, the truth is that they go to great lengths to achieve

Ahh, the trench coat, the unsung hero of classic fashion. A trench coat is timeless, it’s effortlessly stylish and its dashing. Here in Bangalore, the rains are in full swing

For all you fashionista’s, looking fab is an everyday thing and that should be no different while travelling. To help you travel in style, we bring to you tips from

Is there anything such as travelling style? If you read my post yesterday you would definitely answer a yes and you would know Jazz was wearing ‘feminine formality’ on her