This century has been an awakening, of sorts. Lead by digital innovations, rapid urbanizations and shrinking societal gaps, India now sees one-click solutions. Especially true for travel woes, where our

Prequels: How to get to Bali and things to know before departing – here! Day 1, 2 & 3 at Kuta, Seminyak, Ubud – here! Day 4: This was a

In my previous travelogue I spoke about “How to get to Bali and things to know before departing”. You can read the article here – Beautiful Bali | Part 1 

I stood by the ocean, under the sun with my feet in the sand, and felt as free as the birds catching the wind. And there I was, finally in

You know how in chic-flicks, a sweet little girl turns into a gorgeous prom queen, by just getting a makeover done, well, sweetheart, you are that girl and your life

Royal family of England is the epitome of etiquette and must inspire us to understand the use of jewelry pieces as well as formal clothing. Inspired by Kate Middleton, I

I feel that citizens of big cities have accepted chaos as a way of life. But, we humans are made for peace and we should keep in touch with our inner

Well I feel quite privileged when I say that I got to try an experience at a 200 year old barber shop – The regal “Truefitt and Hill”. On 8th

Once there lived a young Queen in a faraway land and she was given a special present from a great wizard. It was a magic chest which would bring happiness

Her methods may not be conventional, her looks definitely aren’t. She has warmth, wit, style, and not to mention an uncanny sense of confidence. Her manner might inspire you or