You know how in chic-flicks, a sweet little girl turns into a gorgeous prom queen, by just getting a makeover done, well, sweetheart, you are that girl and your life

Diwali is just around the corner. Have you finalized what you’re going to wear? Not yet? And you are on a budget? No need to fuss about it, you’ve landed in

Let’s be real and agree that we all loved to play “Fashion Design” and “Mall” on Facebook some years back. I still do, and I loved all of my creations

This time around when I was collaborating with Truefitt and Hill, I also learnt a little about men’s styles regarding hair and beard. Mr Jaykishan Anant Pawar, Asst Manager in

Well I feel quite privileged when I say that I got to try an experience at a 200 year old barber shop – The regal “Truefitt and Hill”. On 8th

It all began with a conversation, may be a joke or a cup of coffee. One that lasted so far.  Silly conversations and serious conversations. Childhood friends. School friends. College

‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ or ‘A Diamond is Forever’ has more often than often persuaded us into perceiving this gemstone as a symbol of love and affection. I

Though everyone likely has their shoe style they turn to occasion after occasion (howdy, pumps), with each year comes a fresh set of footwear trends that spice things up. Fashion

Remember those days when we printed all the photos we clicked? The school picnic scrapbooks, family night-out albums and the endless fights that went into stealing good pictures from our

Modern times and urban cities bring as much simplicity as complexity. We millennials are so busy buying cars and homes that sometimes we forget to visit the market to buy