I know you, I have been you, I am you. I speak to every women of this country. When I think back and read the news about 2017, many events

Diwali is just around the corner. Have you finalized what you’re going to wear? Not yet? And you are on a budget? No need to fuss about it, you’ve landed in

This article is the onset of a beautiful journey for Bare.Berry.Blush. A journey where we collaborate with designers and be true stylists. Creative Mojo and hard work is the only

As I do my first gift guide, I want to suggest diamonds – no shocker there!! Well, we can also select a pair of clothes or cute little cosmetic hampers

Once again we borrow from our traditional silhouettes to showcase infused fashion. By instilling modern flare to traditional garments, we are trying to create a thought of rediscovering our love

There seems to be a realization where tradition is not enough and it’s not just about boundaries of one-single culture, a realization that is about re-discovering one’s own spirit. Can