Our brand name refers to colours which represent softness, freshness, feminist, pure & sweetness. Bare is a fashion term meaning minimalist, Blush is an emotion left when someone appreciates your beauty & Berry is newly ripened fruit. Summoning all together – the brand stands for our appreciation of simplicity and beauty of purity.

Our objective is to show the world that – what is underneath matters but what’s on top catches attention first. Fashion does not work on everyone the same way but it is what gives you a different colour from the rest of the crowd. A soulful clothing style can reveal your inner sense, a bold outfit could bring out the courageous you and a classic floral print makes you look lovely. So essentially styling is how fashion is used by an individual to express themselves.

We only urge you to get experimental and try out these styles that we will talk about in our articles. Bring out the fashion intelligence in you.


We love being the average dude’s amplifier. Discover your personal style through a 60 minute free chat or through one-to-one sessions. Get answers to all your style questions – what is your body shape and how to dress according to it, what’s your ideal corporate look, create your personal wardrobe or find the perfect thing for a special occasion.

Get over the notion that fashion is meant only for celebrities and add a voice to your clothes. Style sessions are open to men and women of all ages.

The team