5 Challenges for a Fashion blogger

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blog5Her methods may not be conventional, her looks definitely aren’t. She has warmth, wit, style, and not to mention an uncanny sense of confidence. Her manner might inspire you or you may find it strangely stimulating. She may seem delightfully different but yet she is the same as you. She may have some enchanting dresses and shoes, and oh those bags. She may use exotic cosmetics and visit precious places.

These are some obvious associations a fashion blogger enjoys but ever wondered what are the downsides?

So, today’s post is for all those who blog or those who want to understand glitches of blogging. This is my first post in 2017 (I wanted to find a topic that wasn’t my regular ‘outfit ideas’ and it took a month to come up with this topic, – omg). On this note, with a little research and my own personal experiences, I was able to gather a few points on what I think are the challenges we face as bloggers.

1. Competition and a space that’s overloaded

That instant fame and glamour has made fashion blogging very attractive. And being honest here, everyone already has some form of their own personal style. So, it goes without saying that a lot of us started blogging, thus, overcrowding the space. The most elite and successful fashion blogs are now outnumbered by thousands of blogs with smaller followings. This has made it difficult to survive in this field, or, even create something unique and different. You’re one blog out of millions. It has started to seem overwhelming.

2. Lack of Resources

Financial – The struggle to keep up a certain lifestyle – from a Starbucks coffee to a Micheal Kors bag and many more inspirational brand possessions, these are not easily attainable. I know of many bloggers who have accumulated mountains of debt to ‘keep up to the image’. Luckily I myself haven’t yet felt the pressure to keep up on this aspect, since, I am not that famous, yet 😉

Time – Juggling between an early morning shoot, office, blogger events and family/friends is tough.  Because a fashion blogger is always on the move, just simply finding time for herself becomes a struggle (Many bloggers are working a day job and running their blogs as a hobby).

Photographer Factor – A good blog has images; a fashion Blog, always has exotic images. And to find a worthy photographer, who firstly can click these outlandish photos, and second, doesn’t flirt with you becomes a detective’s job. And if you find one, you gotta pay them loads of dimes. I have personally struggles a lot here.

blog43. Lack Of Direction and Ideas

So many times, I feel that bloggers post something, just to be present in the social space. I confess that I have felt this pressure too. So many bloggers speak of their hardships in finding constant updates and we all soon run out of ‘post ideas’. One week without a post turns into a month and next thing you know, you’ve given up your blog altogether. “What’s the point of having a fashion blog if everyone’s is going to be bigger and better than mine?”

Creativity can’t be invented, but, motivation can be built. I generally see videos on fashion weeks and this peps me up instantly, like, just before writing this post I saw Chanel 2017 Couture show video.


4. My Blog isn’t earning enough money

Monetizing blogs is another sticky area, because there are vastly different fixes for this. I won’t speak on this topic in this post, because I myself haven’t yet monetized my blog. Also, I do have a better paying full time job so I am not in a hurry to earn from my blog.


5. PR’s “Token of Appreciation”

blog8It’s easy for people to see blogging as this mystical, magical thing: free shoes, events, taking photos, and eating macaroons.  The fact is, it’s far from it–  but those are the only  parts we show our readers. The reality is that our inboxes are full of PR emails asking us to write about their brands, for free, and sometimes when a PR is in a good mood they may offer our poor souls – a voucher or a mention on their website in exchange for a blog post. Oh, we are so blessed, because a mention from you will suddenly earn us millions.

All this being said, aesthetically, it’s all good and well, of course, it’s fun to browse through images of great fashion (Read- it’s great to see your face on Google Search).

These are just a few snags that I have faced. If you are a blogger I would love to hear of your biggest challenge so just comment with your name and blog name. 

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