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This blog piece is probably the most expensive one so far  – all because I wanted to be a fair shopaholic 🙂

While the rains are many, it’s also sale season and I wanted to visit one-too-many stores to write about my shopping experience across various outlets. Working for a retail brand I can’t but help be exposed to extremely juicy promotions. And I wonder how many of you avail offers that you get over emails or social media – do tell me in the comments sections below.

Being a Fair Shopaholic2

I walked into M&S, Westside, Max, Lifestyle, Global Desi and Shoppers Stop and at a few omore shops. Even took a half day to finish this marathon.  <Review on M&S, Westside and Max in this article and the rest in part 2 >

While I think that a totally good customer service is dependent on many factors, the most important is the interaction with sales representatives. M&S was my winner here – their representative announced his presence while I was browsing through their new collections and all he said was – “Ma’am I am here and you can call me when you need help” and then left me to my browsing. I dislike intrusions when I shop so this was perfect. When I couldn’t find my size I called for his help and he not only gave me what I wanted but understood that I was looking for khaki shorts. Fortunately M&S had an offer running on their Linen collection. The changing room in M&S was clean and sophisticated and my billing experience was smooth. M&S has always been my choice when looking for smart formals, perfumed toiletries and good quality shoes.

Another important factor contributing to good shopping experience is the visual merchandising and lighting at the store. In this regards Westside was totally a winner. I absolutely loved their trendy and chic merchandize perfectly arranged by patterns or sizes. My spirits arose and I bought more than I had originally planned for. My shopping bag ranged from so so fashionable shirt dresses to strap-on flip-flops and very attractive casual work shirts. To further my charm there wasn’t a lady guarding the number of clothes you take into the changing room – which is lovely because generally I like to try 6-7 pieces and many stores don’t allow more than 3 pieces. This creates a ruckus and Westside seemed to have understood this. During Sale time it is very important you allow customers to take in their full cart to try. High on bareberryblush’s fashion index.

My next stop was Max Fashion. Being a part of their recent fashion blogger contest I have developed a liking for the brand. Max has something for everyone and at a very affordable price. Though finding the right fit might be a small challenge, Max will offers the latest fashions at such affordable prices that I don’t mind trying a few pieces before finding ‘the apple of my eye’. Max could work a little more on how soft-spoken their reps are but the manager at the store was my friend so I enjoyed the special treatment. I bought a couple of Tees and a bohemian long dress that I will surely sport on a Friday.

You can follow these lovely shops on their social handles:

  1. M&S
  2. Westside
  3. Max Fashion

END of Day 1 of the marathon. Day 2 brings in reviews on Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop and Global Desi – keep tuned in to read more.



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