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I feel that citizens of big cities have accepted chaos as a way of life. But, we humans are made for peace and we should keep in touch with our inner tranquility. And if you wish for this tranquility, you have to go get it, it won’t magically come to you. 

And where else will you find it, other than Goa? Do you wish to get away from the chains and cushions of corporate chairs? Goa offers an air of freedom on its beaches and an invigorating swim in its tides.

Here is a travel log for Goa, it may be nothing new but its mine…

Travel Log, Day 1, Star date – 7/10/17

I was very excited to stay at Sunset Meadows because its developed and managed by my very best friend – Sons. Namaste jungle is located near Anjuna beach, in North Goa and that’s what makes it so special. The lush green fields that boast of natural beauty and the gentle breeze of the Arabian sea. Slightly away from all the rave, this area has a peaceful and laid back air about it. Sunset meadows is a boutique resort that offers earthy, rustic cottages amongst the rice fields.  

I wanted to keep this trip a calm affair and just sit around sipping coffee and chatting. I just visited Anjuna beach for the sun-set. The sunset there has something that makes you want to leave all the bothering thoughts behind and start afresh. Some gaze at the sea in awe. Some catch the moments on camera, some take a dip in the sea, and some like me just stare and meditate. A beach sunset, it’ll draw you, draw you to it’s magic.

This was my 7th visit to the city and I love how every time Goa gives me a zillion reasons to look at things with a different perspective, a calmer perspective.

Travel Log, Day 2 & 3

Day 2 was on repeat mode – Woke up, had coffee, ate lunch at Sunset Meadows and went off to the beach.

The shacks & their food, the sunbathing for a little more tan, the dips and the long walks on the coastline, the sunset again. Happy smiling people, sharing the moment, dreaming and deluding.

To make a booking for Sunset Meadows visit their website.


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