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The cold chilly mornings, the early sunsets… this new season brings us new fashion trends. And to look trendy we women shop. But wait! before you splurge and end up spending more than you should to buy more than you require….here is a technique which is not only highly used but is also pocket friendly.

Layering is a term used to describe a way of dressing, using many garments that are worn on top of each other to create looks. At its simplest, layering involves putting a tunic— which can be anything from a long jumper to a crisp top—over something long-sleeved; and then, depending on the occasion, place or position, adding either tights, leggings or trousers with a blazer, cardigan or simply some jewellery.

Layering may not have rigorous rules, but it does demand some thoughts. If done wrongly can break the look but if done right will make you warm and chic. Ex: Wearing a dress with jeans can go wrong in many ways – jeans have belt loop that can create bumps on the dress creating an illusion of a bulge but wearing a dress with woollen leggings will enhance your body shape.

In an ideal look there are at least three layers identified as follows:
• Inner layer provides comfort by keeping the skin warm (like inners , vest, warmers )
• Mid layer provides coverage ( like tops, t-shirt, shirt)
• Shell layer protects from wind and water (like jacket, coats, blazer)

Here is a pick of five looks that you can carry to work this winter. Rather than pick images of celebrities or high-end apparels, we have tried to create looks using our own small wardrobes. We took special care to use clothing available to a common girl so we can bring fashion to you exactly like you would need it.

White & Denim:


A classic combo – white top and blue denim. This look is the safest and the easiest to pull for a day when you are feeling lazy to dress up (doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, this style is unisex). Wear a knitted white top (loose fit) and a tapered (very close fit) blue denim; add a stylized printed scarf, an over-sized bag, a smart frame and you are ready to go. For all girls – go minimum with your make-up by just using kohl, a light blusher but be sure to gloss those pink lips.

Leather Jacket:

Leather Jacket-edt

A leather jacket adds an instant edge to any outfit. They are essential for anyone who wants to pull a rock-star look, a goth-metal head look or a biker look. Also, considered as one of the must haves in every wardrobe, this jacket has the ability to turn any outfit into super-cool. Try a cropped or studded leather jacket (the stud can be in small details like zipper or buckles or metal buttons). If you are a first timer for leather jackets then go neutral in colour – black or dark brown which match with almost all outfits without causing choice dilemmas.

Pastels & Patterns:


Patterns can be tricky to work with and especially if it’s two different patterns. Two absolutely different patterns come out in this look – one that of the shirt which is a floral pattern and second is the stylized horizontal stripes on the jumper. By creating the focus on one pattern you can mix 2 or even 3 patterns together but make sure it matches in some way – like colour. In this look, the stripes on the jumper are wide thus it becomes more dominating then the floral print on the shirt with the brown colour being common. We have teamed it with a coloured pant and nude pumps to harmonize the look. This can easily be your ideal look to start off a work week.

Bold Red:

Bold Red-edt

Red is bold, authoritative, attention-seeking, stands for passion and love – so how do you work with such a strong and meaningful colour?  Simple, go easy with it. In this look we have layered a red shirt with polka dot print with a plain red cardigan and striped scarf that has a nautical feel to it. Polka dots indicate feminism and is a great pattern to be worn to creative workplaces.  The meaning of red and polka dots are so contradicting but when put together, they can subtle your look and make you appear more approachable yet give you the power to get things done. A badge tinted pant balances the look by letting red be the focus of the look.  While playing with bold colors, it’s always good to have only one element as dominating but if you are crazy about red, then go ahead lady and wear that red pumps to have that daring boldness.

Black & White:


Last season one of the most well-received trend was cropped tops & cropped vests – this is still in trend. Teaming your cropped knitted vest or plain vest with your formal shirt and a plain black jacket, not only will it give you an elegant look but also agreed statements of you being a true fashionista. And who says layering is only about clothes, layering can be done with accessories as well. Here as an example, we have put two sets of long neck chains together for an extra *oomph* factor. You can also pair your look with a long color-block coat.

Everyone has their own style and to learn more on what is yours, contact us for one-on-one sessions on styling or leave your questions on our comment section. 

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