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Sweatshirt was a sports attire many years back, but gone are those days. With the onset of ‘comfortable is stylish’, designers have chosen to create sweatshirts that are effortlessly chic. Following this trend, Zara tailored a sweatshirt inspired from “Marge Simpson”.

Marge Simpson is one of the central characters in the sitcom, and is always showed as trying to maintain order in the Simpson household. We all love good entertainment and ‘The Simpsons’ has remained an iconic animated series since the 90’s. It is only appropriate for the fashion industry to be inspired by the longest-running scripted show in TV history. This sitcom is one to be definitely watched, if you haven’t yet.


Contrary to what many believe, wearing such prints doesn’t make you look childish. In fact this style brings out your fun and exciting personality and to this onlookers are attracted. I would think it’s appropriate to say that this not too thick, comfy, refined and not at all boring sweatshirt is a must pick for your wardrobe. You can play with sizes by either buying an exact fit or a loose-fit like mine here. I got a loose-fit frankly because this was the only size available at the time at Zara but I am happy I did because over-sized will always be in trend.

I styled this sweatshirt in a very simple, basic way of wearing it with denim and flats. To style-up a sweatshirt, you can simply add open toed heels or combine it with a skirt and accessories.

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