A Thought

There seems to be a realization where tradition is not enough and it’s not just about boundaries of one-single culture, a realization that is about re-discovering one’s own spirit.

Can this realization, a thought of a kind, be expressed through fashion?

With changing times, we have begun to adapt fashion and art in our everyday lives. This is changing our outlook on wearing traditional outfits with a more modern avatar, allowing us to rediscover our love for good old sarees, suits and everything Indian.

In this look we blended neutral and vibrant colours bringing the old and new together in harmony, while creating something more unique and creatively artistic. This look presents a cross-cultural fusion that isn’t easy for outsiders to understand, a high-fashion hybrid outfit which isn’t some glossy fashion cover, a dress-code which isn’t about fabrics or patterns but is about a thought. A thought that channels our story of ‘rediscover’.

 A story that can’t be understood so it must be !

P.S. This is our try at editorial fashion, our upgrade version of the historic Anarkali suit. We will add posts to this an editorial series brought to you by Bare.Berry.Blush. Do let us know if you liked it.

Photography – Sam Amose

Make-up & Hair – StyleInPocket

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