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This time around when I was collaborating with Truefitt and Hill, I also learnt a little about men’s styles regarding hair and beard. Mr Jaykishan Anant Pawar, Asst Manager in Training at Truefitt & Hill shared the trends which we can look forward to this season. Give this article a read, if you are a male then for your self or if you are a pretty lasy then for the better half in your life.

Beards were a huge hit in 2016 and will be ruling in 2017 as well. Some of the beard styles that you will spot frequently or should opt for yourself this season are:

The slick flow beard with Handel bar mustache- spot the beard that grows slickly long from jaw line to the chin and is teamed with a curved mustache.

The Saltine beard with English mustache– This beard is even on both sides of the cheek and slightly heavy on the chin teamed with a long swipe mustache.

The Verdi beard with Imperial mustache– Here the beard is heavier on the jaw line and the chin then compared to the cheek area teamed with a double twirl mustache

The Pineapple Beard-  Here the beard grows long and messy all over and wildly.

While beard growing and grooming takes time, dedication and effort, men take overall grooming very seriously in today’s time and age. Some of the haircuts you would see trending are:

The classic fade– This haircut has faded sides and back to a desired length. Ryan Reynolds was seen sporting this look with ease and panache.

The low Pompadour– This haircut is where the sides and the back gradually merge into your long top making a pomp on the crown of your hair.

The new generation wave– where sides and back of hair are mid length and top is long with waves like the one Chris Pine was seen sporting.

The unkempt curls– where sides and back are short to mid length with long and curly hair

About Truefitt and Hill:

Truefitt & Hill is one of the most luxurious and oldest barbershops in the world, it has been around since 1805, that’s 200 years. Long time in business, you would think they are good. Well, they are better than good. And their London branch is good enough for the husband of Queen Elizabeth and many other celebrities. This is probably why all their services are named royally. I have heard from my male friends that “you go in a boy and come out a gentleman”. If you want to experience the difference between shabby and ruggedly handsome then visit their salon and get one of the above looks or have a look at their website.

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