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Spring is upon us, which means a lot of us will be going on vacation and weekend getaways.  If you are going on a cruise this look is definitely your best bet.

I’d rather use denims to travel as compared to dresses, because comfort is rather important to me.  Also, if you are going to beaches / cruises the weather is going to be windy, so its best to avoid short length flowy dresses, unless you wear boy shorts under them. In this look I have paired a basic denim with silk blouse and silk scarf to create a semi-elite look.  I also dresses-up my look with the golden heels (But I was also carrying my slip-ons, in case walking in them on the boat becomes tough, (read – I am smart :P)). Sometimes it also gets chilly in the evening in coastal regions, so I also carried a cardigan to keep warm.

All-in-all this look is simple yet elite. If you are slightly on the heavier body variation, use a stiffer materiel shirt (avoid  body hugging silks) and if you absolutely want to wear silks and shiffons then use a second layer, like the cardigan, that will hide some of that extra pounds and give you a leaner look. P.S. Layering has been my to go hack lately as I too have gained a few extra pounds around in my tummy which tends to show if I wear a single layer hugging clothing. Haha.

Enough being said, lemme leave you to have a moment with these magical views.

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