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A successful, independent woman who knows whats she wants in life. She will not stop until she is satisfied. She never settles for  anything less than everything. This girl knows what she is talking about and can easily intimidate you. She speaks her mind and stands up for what she believes in and won’t stop until she is finished. 

I stopped by at Bandra, Mumbai for some work with friends and we took a 5 minute break to have some refreshments. I knew Linking road was just next lane, so how could I let go of an opportunity to shop. Linking road is extremely famous for street shopping in Mumbai. Curious to see the collection I walked towards a few stalls. 
I picked out this look in five minutes, literally. The pricing was so low already that I didn’t feel like wasting time in bargaining (I know I broke street shopping rules here by not bargaining) . 
Top – 250
Bag – 250
Palazzo – 200
*The blazer and my footwear are from other stores. 
I think this is a strong look for an informal office environment. If you work in creative agencies, as a blogger or freelancer and are required to express your personality via your looks, this one must definitely be an inspiration for you. Drifting away from the mundane collared shirts and blouses, the cold shoulder here brings an edge; while the striped print and the colour of the shirt brings about a semi-formal feel. 
About Bandra  – Bandra is rightly called is the Fashion Queen of Mumbai! From tops to shoes and bags, everything that’s fashionable is sold here.
GOLDEN RULES OF STREET SHOPPING – become street smart for street shopping:
  1. Don’t show excitement for the products you liked. Pretend it is just another item of clothing that you like. If you show your love towards the shirt, the shopkeeper wouldn’t bargain so keep calm. 
  2. Bargain – Start from Rs. 100 or 200 (whatever the product may be), then gradually increase the price agreeing on the price you thought you would pay, not more than 300 for clothes and 500 for a really nice bag. If one guy doesn’t agree to your price than there are many more shops ahead that will stick the same pieces. 
  3. Stick to your budget. It is easy to go over budget when we see so many things. 
  4. Check for any faults in the product. It’s a known fact that the products in the market are usually export rejects so they may have flaws in the stitching, or the cut of the fabric or a cut here or there. 
  5. No streets are as sunny and as dry as the streets of Mumbai; no matter what the season, it’s always sunny.  Carry your sunglasses and a bottle of water. Carry your shopping bag too, so you don’t waste plastic bags, Green Earth. 
QUICK BITES POST-SHOPPING – Energy boost is always needed. The following two are the one I have been to and are famously rated on many apps. 
  1. Candies
  2. Carter’s Blue
Do let me know your shopping experiences in the comment section in Mumbai or elsewhere. Would love to hear them <3
Photographed by – Varun Aggarwal 
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