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An abstract story-line is all it takes to mark creativity. Style Quarter’s designer Neetu creates her abstracts using “Fusion” as her canvas.

We all want our gowns and sarees to mark the occasions we attend, and while we can be soft and elegant in our demeanor, a garment that expresses etiquette can get us a long-way. Costume territory, as I put it, does help us mark occasions and the best way to not feel pressure of “what to wear” as soon as we get an invitation is go the “fusion way”. By mixing western silhouettes with Indian prints or vice-versa  in your look you can immediately go a notch higher on your fashion quotient. Neetu understands this and designs occasion based wear as well as everyday garments.

For me personally the look-and-feel of the attire matters a lot and I always love a simple touch of satin or a bit of red in my garment. For this reason when I saw Neetu’s range of glorious and powerful designs, ranging from Sarees to cocktail gowns to fusion lehengas and street style kurtas, I was immediately attracted to this look. The floral blouse has an open back (the blouse has an open super-sexy back but I shy-ed away from clicking it 😀 ). The blouse is paired with a red charmeuse skirt. A charmeuse silhouette is basically seen in Christian wedding gowns and the fabric has a satin feel making the look lustrous and delicate.

style 1

In my opinion this dress is ideal to wear to occasion like a friend’s wedding or your own pre-wedding shoot. If I theme this shoot as a pre-wedding shoot then only my Mr. right is missing in this picture.


Style Quarter’s flagship store is located in Koramangala, Bangalore and is definitely adding a bit of style to Bangalore.

Photography – Naveen Phillips

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