Cooling Explosion

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Winter definitely has its own charm. It’s great to step out of the house, feel the cool breeze and find the sun amidst silvery clouds. Winter also gives us the chance to whip out our jackets, boots, gloves and pretty scarves. Gone are the times when winters meant baggy pullovers or old-fashioned sweaters. Now, designers are coming out with clothing lines and accessories that guarantee a warm yet fashionable winter.

Out of all winter clothing, our personal favorites are the knee-length boots and fur jackets (off course faux, because we love animals). These items can be smartly matched with other apparel to create unique styles.

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As shown in this look, a fur jacket can be paired with a pretty top or a thin sweater and denims to look classy and casual. Keeping the accessories to a bare minimum, a ponytail with a side twist emphasizes comfort. Alternatively it can also be worn with tunics, stockings and bold lipstick shades for a dressy, pretty look.

These boots are perfect for tall people with long legs. For girls who are tiny and petite, selecting boots in the same or similar shade of the trousers will help in looking taller. The loose fur jacket, on the other hand, suits all body types as its structure falls flawlessly on any body type.

Like this look? We’ll tell you where to get it:

  1. Knee-length boots that keep your feet toasty warm – Miss Bennett London or Carlton London, I wish I had these on me.
  2. Fur jacket provides an extra layer and also adds spunk to your outfit – I got mine at Forever 21, you can find a similar one here.
  3. Top that adds a layer of chic– I am wearing Elle. You can’t find a similar one online, you have to go checkout their store

It’s time for some winter fashion fun!

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