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Royal family of England is the epitome of etiquette and must inspire us to understand the use of jewelry pieces as well as formal clothing. Inspired by Kate Middleton, I have listed below “Jewelry for Goal Diggers”

“Goal” Digger is a term I stand-by and today’s society already showcases so many strong women with well-developed professional lives. And for these women, free time is often a luxury.

What’s more, women have to ensure that their office attires are trim and proper, chic and simple, fashionable yet classic, because anything below par is not acceptable to “Goal” diggers. And also, because women are judged differently than men, who like Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs can’t wear the same outfits, because you know “what will the society say!”

So, in terms of everyday office wear, I thought it is a good idea to shortlist items that can function as “Jewelry Essentials”. Here are five items, I propose every working woman should probably own:

  1. Pearl Earrings – Diamonds maybe a woman’s best friends in the church, but in office pearls speak of endless elegance and helps a women set the right balance between classy and fashionable. Pearl Earrings also suit all face types, round to square.

  1. Pendants – A well placed necklace can accentuate your collarbones and take attention away from bulky shoulders. Pick simple pendants or chains that are short in length and don’t necessarily plunge into your cleavage. Shy away from extravagant colors or designs and use simple, thin Silver, Gold or Pearl pendants as they ensure a professional look.

  1. Brooches – These can work not only for your work but also for your leisure time. Brooches are remarkably flexible and can pair well with office blazers, shirts, cardigans and now even on denim jackets for your casual looks.

  1. Hair Accessories – You can really experiment here with bow clutches, barrettes, clips etc. Just refrain from over-sized ones.

  1. Rings – Most of the married women already wear rings. However, get yourself atleast 2-3 statement rings that you can match to your blouse style. Also, since we emote so much with our hands during conversations, it would be a good idea to stick to pastel or light earthy colors when it comes to nail paints. However, ensure not to wear chipped nail-polish, things looks less classy them unkempt nails.


I love Kate Middleton’s personality and absolutely adore each of her looks, so here are some examples of how she has comfortably carried the above items:

All the images are sourced from Google and BareBerryBlush claims no right to these images. 

Always remember to stick to “Three jewelry Piece” rule and don’t overdo it by wearing all the above five items in one go. Remember, the hack to office jewelry is – less is classic, simple is sophisticated.

I hope these tips will help you look your best in office and boost your confidence levels. If yes, do let me know in the comments section below. 

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