Handpicked Fashion Trends

The world of fashion allows one to create a style statement by playing with colors, outfits and accessories. If you love to follow fashion trends, relax, you are just being normal. A research study proved that more than half the population of women in the world follows fashion trends irrespective of their location. We have handpicked some of the latest fashion trends for women in India, and also picked out some great discount deals with Coupon Guru (hyperlinked words for your easy navigation). Go on, read on and happy shopping…

Denim Trends

A pair of jeans, old or new is always a prized possession in the wardrobe. Another trend that has made a comeback is denim on denim. Wear a denim shirt with jeans or if you don’t fancy that, then flaunt denim bags, scarves or belts. A denim top with a short ruffled denim skirt is a good choice and ruffles are the trend this season. Just add a dash of color with some bright accessories and you are ready to rock the evening. If you decide to sport the denim on denim trend, wear two contrasting colors, a lighter hue paired with a darker shade of denims would be perfect.

Saree Trends

A saree is an essential wardrobe staple for most Indian women. Sarees with big borders have made a comeback. Be it a simple cotton or a bridal silk saree, broad borders make them look classy. But if you are short in height, then go easy on this trend. Color pleated sarees are in fashion currently where the pleats are in a different color from the rest of the saree. To create a glamorous look opts for a lace saree. Make sure you pair it with the right blouse. For those looking for a fusion between east and west, a saree gown would be perfect and is in tune with the current trend.

Organic Fashion Trends

The current trend is to sport eco-friendly fabrics that use fibers from bamboo, banana and hemp. Khadi is back in a big way, and so is tie and dye fabric which had disappeared from the fashion scene some time ago. Muga is a yarn that is used mainly in home furnishings but has found its way into fashion creations. The most innovative introduction this season was khadi infused with muga and tussar. This also makes khadi the perfect fabric for all seasons.

Footwear Trends

No outfit is complete without a matching pair of footwear. Pointed-toe heels have been dominating fashion runways. Try them with slim fit denims, cropped pants or a pencil skirt. Gladiator sandals are back in fashion with laser cuts, multiple straps or lace tie-ups. Feel like a Greek goddess as this footwear is capable of capturing instant attention and raises your fashion quotient. Shoes, sneakers and slippers in candy colors add a pop of color to a monochrome outfit and are highly recommended this season.

Follow the trends and if required tweak it slightly to set a personal style. Remember that fashion is an art and just like all other art forms, it has to be practiced regularly to become perfect. By following the latest fashion trends you can be sure to turn heads wherever you go.

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