How to Dress for a Fashion Week

While the front row attendees may portray their messy street style or the elegance chic look with ultimate ease, the truth is that they go to great lengths to achieve those looks. It’s this “accidental” cool that lands their pictures on mood boards and media releases. Many A-listers have direct access to designer labels via the designers themselves but not all of us receive those duds as gifts. So how does a common girl break the look for her front row seat at a fashion week?

Quality and labels are important when you are attending a fashion event, and I say this by personal experience. Labels are important when you talk to these dudes at fashion events. But labels come at a stupendous cost and may burn a hole in your pocket.

Enter, Style Bank. Why buy when you can rent?

The 15th Edition of Bangalore Fashion Week took place last week and I was honored to have received packages from Style Bank containing perfect dresses that I could flaunt at the event. A fashion week is an incredible event to attend and there are endless networking opportunities, so naturally I was excited to create everlasting impressions. Here are my two looks:

  • Soft Sophistication
  • Pretty Punk

Soft Sophistication – Too often women seem to think that the more skin the better, but I believe and many would agree with me, that the best outfits in market are the ones that have a sophisticated balance of skin and style. Crop Tops & Midi’s are the best items that are there for achieving a ‘soft yet strong’ personality. The red crop tops here adds sensuality while the cut work of the skirt totally rocks in keeping up with 2016 trends.

Pretty Punk – I promise that you will never have to try too hard with a skater dress. Since this pastel blue dress in itself is perfect for day wear or a regular night-out, to wear it to a fashion event I had to accessorize it with quirky elements.  I added a bit of punk by teaming the dress up with boots and boho layers. The pink and blue combination is actually the color of the year (Rose Quartz & Serenity) so it made perfect send for me to pair it with my pink handbag to exhibit my fashion quotient. I have kept my footwear non-heel in both looks because I actually run around a lot to cover each show and talk to designers or attendees. If you are on an invite for a single show or you know that you won’t be running around then try on your sexy heels.

Another thing to keep in mind when you attend a fashion week is to follow etiquettes. Bring your invitation along to ensure a smooth entry, and since there are no reserved seats it would be wise to come on time. Take your seats and keep texting to minimum. After the lights dim only the media can click pictures of the clothing being showcased. It’s advisable to give the show your full attention, as that is the best form of respect an attendee can bestow on the designer.

About Style Bank – StyleBank is a fashion rental service where one can browse through premium western or Indian wear catalogue to rent a prefect day’s outfit. International brands and designers, event themed outfits and styles can easily be at your door-step. I received my outfits dry cleaned, fully ironed, and they were clean and ready to wear.

Browse their catalog at and allow yourself to be a little experimental, a little fashionable.

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