Layering for Transitioning Season

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December is almost here and the winds have started to get cold. Light layering is what the weather demands right now. It is an easy way to get sexy, trendy vibes without actually adding a lot of bulk.

A layered look is all about combining several layers of clothing in a consistent way. Different cuts, shapes and lengths are the heart of every layered look, because this diversity is what makes your layered look exciting. You can experiment with pairing clothes of different lengths and cuts; however, always keep an eye on the balance of the overall look. Since looking like a sack of potatoes is not really what we want. Need a few examples?

A good fringe or lace piece always works well together as an outer layer and ties any outfit together. You can also pair it with your favourite dress and wear it with leather trousers or a cosy cardigan.lightlayeringIn another look I combined a skinny jeans with a loosely cut blouse and used accessories to add a second layer. You could also add an oversized jumper or jacket here for a more warmer look.collages1

5 Tips for a great Layered Look –

• Mix different materials and pay attention to harmonious colour combinations. However, don’t overdo it and use accessories in moderation.
• Different cuts, forms and lengths are the key ingredient for an exciting layered look. Opposites attract (leather and lace, silk and knitwear)
• Use shirts and blouses creatively: wear them around your shoulders or hips.
• Buy clothes in larger sizes (1-2 sizes bigger than you would normally do). Yet combine them with slim fitted clothes, such as skinny jeans.
• When it comes to jewellery make sure length and colour correspond with your look.

Here are some more looks and inspirations for styling with layering techniques – Winter Moods. Many fashion bloggers and stylists over the world seems obsessed with the layering for decades now, so why don’t you let me know your favourite layering style too?

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