Power of Fragility

I know you, I have been you, I am you.

I speak to every women of this country. When I think back and read the news about 2017, many events sadden me, especially the ones that were unfair towards women. I am no activist and I have no agendas but I believe wholeheartedly that these scars need to be shown; because these scars tell a story. The story of a country where we worship women yet constantly we have found ways to harm them.

Feminism rose in the West many years ago and globally feminism may be at the fourth wave, yet the tide of the second wave of feminism hasn’t even touched our country.There is always a heated debate when a celebrity wears a skirt in front of the Prime Minister (Priyanka  Chopra’s #LegsForDays) or when a muslim women wore a bikini on national TV during Ramzan or when women on social media spoke up against harassment (#MeToo campaign). Many men said “its’ always a women’s fault” – Seriously?! The infamous Nirbhaya case shook the whole nation; the “triple talaq” law supporting women agitated many men, the debates over women centric films such as “Lipstick under my Burkha” or even the notorious #MyChoice ad film by Vogue got people talking about anti-feminism.

You would think why I am talking about this on my Fashion & Beauty blog, well, simply because these cases talk about women rising above their scars. It shows strength and that we still have the will to fight to define our own endings. No matter how delicate a dress we may wear, we can also carry boxing gloves with great poise and win the match too. 2017 was a year women ruled Bollywood, advertising (my favourite #DaDaDing by Nike) and Olympics. I wanted to honour this spirit of women.Slowly but steadily stereotypes will be broken. So much work has been done to uplift women. Individually or collectively we have all fought and that has prompted the government to pass many laws in our favour – The Maternity benefit act, harassment at workplace laws etc. Throughout our lives, we have defined our society and our women but I know that our women hold the power to design a life so amazing and brimming with energy that nobody would want to be rescued from it.P.S. With this article, I aim to leave you with a realization, a realization where tradition is not enough and it’s not just about the boundaries, a realization that is about re-discovering the spirit and strength of our delicate women, a realization that says “No matter how delicate a dress we may wear, we can also carry boxing gloves with great poise and win the match too”. 

Photographed by – Varun Aggarwal 

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