Saltwater and Shades

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When we talk sea and sand, we also instantly think of beach fashion. More often than not, in India beach fashion is limited to denim and this makes me sad. With so much heat & humidity, we need to think more than jeans. That being said beach fashion is also not just swimsuits and bikinis.

In fact dresses make the best fashion statement if you are travelling or visiting a beach for fun. They are airy and leave enough room for movement in the humidity.

Lately, I have been travelling to Mumbai often for work and many a times I don’t spend the whole day on the beach, I also meet people and get work done. So naturally, I need looks that will look stylish both on and off the beach.

When we were to visit Carter Road for tourist-ing around, I also had my eyes on the beach there. In this look, I choose a pastel green dress which is soothing to the eye. To create a casual, day look, I layered the dress with a crop top. The harmony of green with blue waters is true to color palate rules. P.S. We really tried to get on the boat in the background, but alas, the sailor of that boat was nowhere to be found. Maybe some other sunset will bring us this dream!


Beach fashion tips:

Footwear – classic havaianas, or plain flat sandals. You don’t want uncomfortable shows when walking on the beach, its unrealistic to wear heels too.

Heavy jewelry – apart from minimal beaded jewelry or your silvers, adding anything excess will only make it stick to your skin and look out of place. In a lot of photo-shoots they show models wearing heavy statement neckpieces, but remember that it is only for photographs and generally worn only for duration of the shoot. Also, avoid heavy make-up as it melts with heat and feels pasty.

Heavy clothing – If you choose to wear denim, I would urge you choose it in form of shorts, if not hot pants 😉 Or even culottes paired with loose kaftans can look good.

Top it off with shades and hats – This summer is all about sunglasses and sunhats, it shields you from the blaring sun while making you totally rock beach fashion. Don’t forget to put on the sunscreen.

Beaches will be my favorite destination and a source of calmness. There is nothing better than being barefoot in the sand and feeling oneness with nature. So, go on, buy your ticket to an island escapade and walk into the saltwater.


Photography – Tushima Bhatter & Kunal Kendurkar

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