Season of Love!

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The season of love is here and we are sure you are all caught up in the excitement. There may be a lot of questions on your mind about your prince charming but we know you will have another question as well – What do I wear on this Valentine’s Day? Well, no more worries, ladies. We have put together a V-day look book for you, based on what kind of a body type and personality you may have.

So, just read on and get all your queries answered:

If you are athletic with a very casual style of dressing, then the rugged look is meant for you. You can choose a smart tee with a graphic print and pair it with ripped jeans. Ripped jeans will give you a casual yet sexy vibe. With that, add on a cool leather jacket and a pair of high-heeled boots and you are ready to rock. Please keep in mind that this primarily suits people who are tall and thin. This kind of look is ideal for the lean or rectangle body type.

rugged (1)

If you are choosing to spend your V-day outdoors or if you want to give off a simple yet pretty vibe, you could opt for a pair of shorts. You can choose a pair of bright colored shorts with a floral crop top or a pair of bold, printed shorts with a simple crop top. You can combine this with bright ballet flats and some cool sunglasses. This look can be carried off by people who are short as well as tall and is best suited for the hour-glass body type.


If you are the girl who believes in complete romance and are doing something very romantic on this V-day, then this one’s for you. To honor love, opt for a bright red dress, because red is the color of love. A red dress with classy jewellery and a hot red lipstick will make you look stunning.

redYou can choose the type of dress based on your body type. If you have a very fit body, you can opt for body hugging or A-line dresses or you could opt for a peplum fit as it helps covering up winter weight.

And for people with triangle body shape, it’s best to opt for individual apparel put together. Opt for a sexy skirt in lace and pair it with a pretty shimmer top. Grab on a pair of sexy stilettos and you are good to go. If you have a big derriere, then we suggest you avoid straight cut skirts and opt for flowy ones instead. If you are heavy on top, just stick to regular fits. This look is perfect if you are looking to party all night.


But, most importantly, this Valentine’s Day, make a promise to yourself:

To love yourself first, before loving somebody else. To first feel good about yourself before feeling content in a relationship. It’s only when you love yourself, you can love another. No matter how you dress or what you wear, whether you are single or taken, just remember that you are fabulous!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all from the Bare Berry Blush team.

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