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Ahh, the trench coat, the unsung hero of classic fashion. A trench coat is timeless, it’s effortlessly stylish and its dashing.

trench armyHere in Bangalore, the rains are in full swing and it is the perfect season for trench coats. Trench coats have been around since forever, and many argue its origins. Some say that it was born off from the rubberized raincoats in British and French cultures; others say that it was developed prior to the First World War for army officers working in the trenches, hence the name Trench Coat. It was only till this garment was brought to fame by movies like Casablanca that it was adopted by the masses.

This original role of the garment as part of an army officers uniform lends the trench coat a businesslike respectability, although many prefer to tie the belt in front to project a more casual look.

What Makes A Trench

Traditionally this garment is double-breasted with 10 front buttons, has wide lapels, a storm flap and pockets that button-close. The coat is belted at the waist with a self-belt, as well as having straps around the wrists that also buckle. The coat often has shoulder straps that button-close; those were a functional feature in a military context. The traditional color of a trench coat was khaki, although newer versions come in many colors.

trench coat essentials

The Trench Fit

A Trench can make all men and women look desirable. While buying your true-fit coat remember –

  1. Trench coats often fit just right, they aren’t meant to be skin tight since they are worn over other garments.
  2. There is no one-correct length as trenches come in many variations, colors and fits. Over the years designers have launched their versions of this classic. Another variation of coats that looks much similar to a trench is known as a “Duffle Coat”. These are generally made of wool and meant for very cold climates.
  3. Shorter silhouette – Simply choose what feels right to you, though keep in mind that an ankle-length coat might be overwhelming for a smaller frame while an above-the-knee coat will help elongate your legs.
  4. Tall and long – The opposite is true for taller men, who should avoid short coats that would only elongate the legs further.
  5. The sleeve should reach to the root of your thumb. Anything longer than that will make you look like you haven’t yet made it to the alterations tailor.

Styling A Trench Coat

You can wear it for all kinds of day wear activities. It is appropriate with casual wear as well as business suits, and it is an ideal travel companion due to its moderate to light weight, water repellency, and versatility. Despite its manifold uses, please remember that the trench coat is not appropriate for formal evening wear such as black tie events.

See this look here – Trip Away and Beyond

Buy Your Coat

While Burberry produces the most authentic trenches, they may not be pocket friendly for all of us so here are my top picks for a lady of style. Click on the images below to go to the merchant site and get yourself a dashing coat.tc5test


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