Three Ways To Wear Joggers

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From Miami to New York and now India, men and women everywhere are sporting jogger pants. And it’s easy to understand why.

With joggers you get the slim fit of your favorite skinny jeans at the ankle, but your thighs finally have room to breathe! The silhouette is very forgiving and abnormally comfortable. Most joggers have elastic at the waist as well as the cuffs. The clean tapered silhouette that gives room to show off your favorite shoes and this could be a reason why these are a rage with fashionistas.

This article is dedicated to all ladies who may be sit-at-home mothers or homemakers and yet want to be trendy. Comfort is very important and their wardrobe doesn’t differ between the official weekdays and casual weekends. So naturally joggers are the answer! Keep reading to see three ways to wear them: On a laid back day, for a coffee meeting and to a date.

On a laid back day – Perhaps their most natural application, joggers are right at home on a low-key day rocking an athletic jersey and sport sneakers, in search of fresh air and comfort. Black and white is always a good option. For all those laid back days, joggers are a must-have.


For a coffee meeting – If you work out of your home and have to step out for meetings once in a while, you should keep an official theme to your outfit. Team up your joggers with a dress shirt or a blazer to easily transform the casual joggers to work-place appropriate. Wear the right shoes, it is important you maintain a bit of formality to strike a smart balance of highs and lows in your look.


To a date – you need to keep your look relaxed yet fashion forward, a look that says – “I care about my future, you’d rather consider hitching with me”. A floral top or printed tee and a jacket ought to do it. And of course my personal favorite way to dress up just about anything – a beautiful pair of pumps.lazy2 (1)

So go on, try one because it is easier to wear a jogger than you think. See my recommended products below :

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