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Is there anything such as travelling style? If you read my post yesterday you would definitely answer a yes and you would know Jazz was wearing ‘feminine formality’ on her Day 1 (read about it here).

After a good night sleep, Jazz is now ready for Day 2 of her meetings with fellow publishers.  She needed power yet femininity in her look, so Jazz chose a pencil skirt with bloom print. A pencil skirt is ideal for office wear and gives a slimmer outlook to the wearer. She paired it with a solid colored tee and layered it with yesterday’s trench coat. There’s something so effortlessly chic about a trench coat and paired with a pencil skirt it portrays a classic appeal. Jazz completed here look with the same nude pumps and structured bag she carried yesterday.

Trip Away_Beyond 1

Trip Away_Beyond 2

Trip Away_Beyond 3

After a successful meeting it was time to celebrate with friends. Having only a few minutes to change Jazz got into playful fashion. By putting on a top with just enough glam (through embellishments) and carrying a stone studded sling bag, Jazz gets an ‘eclectic’ persona.

Trip Away_Beyond 4

Two days with just a few pieces of clothing – this is the power of clustering. Carry a jacket that can be worn with multiple attires, carry clothing with complimentary or mono-chrome colors as this allows interchangeability, carry a shoe and bag that go with each other and can complete your look irrespective of the color of your clothes. (Note: if you don’t have assistance, don’t wear heels at the airport).

Trip Away_Beyond 6

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