Valentine Love

Looks, Spotlight | February 10, 2015 | By

“A style suits an individual only if it matches their personality” .

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, wardrobe requests were rolling in. So for this post, we decided to theme outfits as per fashion personas and clothing styles that a common lady like you can wear this weekend.

Comfort Lovers

For all our comfort lovers who want to add some ladylike style for this lover’s month, introducing to you a simple yet elegant look – try the tulle maxi skirt with denim shirt and washed gold belt to complete the look you desire to be his Ladylove this valentine.

natural persona-1

Timeless Lovers

Ladies who like timeless pieces, neat and tidy clothes always, try this outfit – a plain jersey long dress with tweed jacket to maintain your classic persona; complete it with a clutch and just to add some fun element you can dress it with a statement ring of your choice.

classic persona 1

Soft Lovers

If you are soft & feminine then this outfit can rock for you – wear your ‘romantic color’ dress in pink or red and instead of wearing it plain try this new way – team your dress with a crochet top and a heavy neckpiece. Allow yourself to be a little experimental yet being in your own skin.

romantic persona 1etd

We love to dress for our special someone but ladies remember that love starts from loving oneself and people treat us the way we treat ourselves. So, all the lovely ladies let’s take an oath –love thee first!

Everyone has their own style and to learn more on what is yours, contact us for one-on-one sessions on styling or leave your questions on our comment section.