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Remember those days when we printed all the photos we clicked? The school picnic scrapbooks, family night-out albums and the endless fights that went into stealing good pictures from our friends’ albums…

I had an amazing school and I made friends for life from there so just thinking about it gets me nostalgic. I look and re-look at those albums, so does my mother and so does everyone. We all reminisce at man-made time machines (called photos).

There is a charm in seeing physical pictures vs. the digital ones. This is why Polaroid cameras are so attractive, and I got my first Polaroid from Fuji Films.

Fuji Films have launched a very cute, a very compact mini Polaroid camera – Instax. The instax 8 is designed to be a mini-camera that allows one to shoot and view the printed results instantly. The camera gives a glossy to the pictures and I found ideal for close portraiture. I received the Joy Box that consisted of the camera, two film sets, batteries and a camera cover (priced at an affordable ~6,000 INR). The camera individually costs around 4500 INR and a set of 2 film sets of 10 films each costs 800 INR.

Thanks to its small size, you can conveniently carry this mini picture format film with your routine baggage. I was recently on a trip to Goa and here are the snippets:



To check out a video on the Set-up and Tips for Instax 8 watch here. Video credits – Namaste Happiness.

Once you learn how to operate the camera, you can capture clear images. I had a little difficulty in capturing images in low-light and distances >50m but what I love about the pictures that came out well was the vintage – retro feel. ISO 800 configuration enables the camera to capture sharp pictures really fast, irrespective of the external environment. Additionally, this mini film requires only 30 seconds developing time, thus you can instantly view the clicked photos.

My final verdict – A unique item to have in your photography tool kit, I absolutely love mine.

I would imagine a scenario where you have your fan moment with your favourite celebrity and you click a selfie, develop the picture and ask them to autograph it instantly. This, making a memory for life. The Instax 8 can be put to use in many creative scenarios. Share your idea of a creative polaroid use with me and win a chance to be styled exclusively by BareBerryBlush.

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