How many games have you played ?

Board gaming is the new rage in town with large number of Bengalurueans making it their regular hangout options. We all have fond memories of playing games when we were young children, and rightfully so, as board games are cool. As children, games taught us to be strategic, smart and creative. Board games are fun, social, emotional and therapeutic for most parts, and are the best prescription for when you are up to your neck with modern day stress.

IMG-20160618-WA0024A board game is a tabletop game that involves counters or pieces moved across the “board”, according to a set of rules. Some games are based on pure strategy, but many contain an element of chance; and some are purely chance, with no element of skill.

To bring the spectrum of “board games” in Bangalore, Fiat Caffe has introduced weekday happy hours and performance packed weekend. Fiat Caffe is the first of its kind automobile themed Caffe and bar, and also the first Fiat Caffe in the world to offer board games with cocktails. Level 1 serves as Fiat car showroom during day and completely takes a make-over by night to become a performance stage for bands, stand-up comedians and karaoke and many exciting events. You get to sit in a vintage car sofa and order beer and bites.



Some of us hung out at this famous Caffe recently and went nuts playing board games. It was so much fun that we didn’t realize that we continually played for four hours. Storytelling via “Dixit” was definitely spunky and tricking good vs. bad in “Hobbit” was my favorite. I got to play “Gandalf” and I had magical powers, much of what I wish I had in daily life. Our host was “Pooja Dwivedi” and she is such a board game junkie that she has made it her full time profession. Being a part tabletop gaming community not just in Bangalore but in Mumbai and Pune too, she can game even when on the move! She has an awesome life, where she smiles often, laughs a lot and plays for work.


Visit Fiat Caffe, Indiranagar, to make memories while making play. I have a 1000 Rupee coupon giveaway that can be used at the Caffe till 31st July, 2016; to get this coupon simply subscribe to my website.

Have fun, fun is good.

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