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You know how in chic-flicks, a sweet little girl turns into a gorgeous prom queen, by just getting a makeover done, well, sweetheart, you are that girl and your life is that movie. A makeover, in any form – hair, clothing or your general attitude can bring about a freshness to life.

And the simplest, easiest way to get a makeover is to change your hair. If you feel that you have been wearing the same hairstyle everyday for over an year, then its definitely time for #HairMakevoer. Now, the simplest way to go about this is to get a different haircut but let’s notch it up a bit and change the mood board? Let’s color our hair ?!

My Story

I have had simple & straight, basic & black hair for the longest time I can remember. And if you know me or follow my blog, you know I can go from long to short, straight to curly and back to straight in a snap, because I love the thrill that comes with #HairTransaformation. Though, I have always dreamed of long locks that fall till the lower back, I have never achieved them because I get bored of my (then current) hairstyles and change it so my hair never gets the opportunity to really grow looong.

I was determined to do this the last time, I straightened my hair (in Mar’2017) and just got trimmings every 2-3 months. 12 months down the line, I started to always wear my hair loose – office or party, I had grown into this comfort hairstyle. Even thought this look was great and suited me well, my hair was my crown jewel, I must confess I was bored of having the same look.

My Experience with Godrej Professional’s

Enter Ryan Drozario, master celebrity hair stylist at @Salon_Muah, who is responsible for many looks of Kajol, Kareena, Mallaika and many others we admire. In partnership with @Godrej_Professional, I got an opportunity to know this fun man and also be among the first few to try their new ammonia free hair color range.

I had my appointment at the Godrej Head Office, which is where their Hair Institute is located and all the awesome research is done there. Ryan asked me what I was looking for in terms of hair color and texture, and I told him the most bizarre answer – I wanted pink ombre hair !!! Well, all of us had a good laugh, and we know while this look is very common in US/UK, India is still catching up.

Ryan inspected my hair and saw that it was straightened, thus advised me against the pink. To deposit pink shade on Indian hair, hair stylist will first need to bleach your hair to remove melanin and then deposit the color, which can make hair rough and brittle and especially since my hair was already chemically straightened, this was not advisable. The risk is real! But these professional’s don’t give up, here is Ryan discussing my hair. They asked questions about how I generally wear my hair, if my plan is to cut it short etc.

I settled for Cherry Red highlights and medium brown base color upon discussion with a pink under-section.

The Process:

The bottom section (to be colored pink) was bleached first and kept aside (foil wrapped). Post this followed the deposit of Cherry Red for highlights and the Brown shade as the base color for the rest of my hair which at least must have taken an hour.

The colour is allowed to settle into my hair for about 30 more, after which my hair is washed and conditioned in cold water.

We then work our through the bleached section and deposit pink pigment and allow it to sit it for just a few minutes. My hair is washed once again and blow-dried, and this is when I see my new look (after about 6 hours of suspense).

New Look:

Suddenly everything looked different – jet black to so many colors and I was’t sure. Although everyone around me told me that the new color gave me a more strong, fun character, I felt my skin tone looked more tan. I wasn’t sure until the next day when I stepped into the sun to take these pictures, and that is when I realized that red shades may not look like much indoors but burst to life when you step out into the sun. It has been two days, and I have a different perspective – I love the color and can’t wait to show it off.

I am told the pink will turn pinker as I wash my hair 2-3 times and in the longer term cherry red will mix with the brown and turn into a rose-goldish shade. When this happens, it will call for a follow-up blog post : )

Somebody even told me – It was always you in there. But with that color, you came alive. Change, I realized can be good.

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