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A city is characterized by its constant buzz, by long exposures of traffic lights and endless purring of its people. While it may be this buzz that sometimes gives a city its appeal, it can also cause stress. To come back and feel mother earth it becomes necessary for all of us to rejuvenate. But we can’t be at a beach every day, can we?

Come-in, dedicated full-service spas that offers facial & hair services, body treatments and body massages. I recently had a chance to feel this ‘power of touch’ at L’OCCITANE, VR Bengaluru Mall. A full body massage performed by experienced masseurs can miraculously relieve all tensed muscles and make one feel tranquil.full view

About the Spa Center:

L’OCCITANE, known for their natural beauty products recently opened more centers in India. For over 30 years, this company has created skin care and fragrances from plants and essential oils found in Provence, a hilly region in South of France lush with olive groves, lavender fields and vineyards. Provence is a very important region for France, since the beginning of times due to its richness of produces, a ripe Mediterranean land. There are over 2000 L’OCCITANE stores in over 24 countries.provence

My Experience:

I had seen their stalls at many fashion weeks and was always drawn to trying their products and services. Spa la Vie by L’Occitane is probably one of the most luxurious spa I have been to. They aren’t cramped for space and are well-lit (as against most other spa’s that use dim lighting). The French art of sophistication and savoring each moment of sensuality echoes in all corners of the spa. The fee here can be a little extravagant so treat the massage as a reward for yourself for something you recently achieved :).

I had dragged along a friend with me for the spa and it was her first time for a body massage. I think it was the warm welcome and the tea that got her thrilled, a lot of first time customers are a bit nervous before their massage but that’s just the initial reluctance. Once you set on the voyage of soothing massages, you will keep coming back for more. (I will write a post on “Tips for First Time At The Spa” , keep tuned in)

I chose ‘relaxing aromachologie’ massage and my friend chose ‘deep tissue intense relief’ (which involved high pressure massage and stretching). Our rooms were massive and tastefully decorated with grandness. A whiff of peppermint and lemongrass as we entered the room was an aromatic bounty, very very refreshing. My therapist was a professional and knew all the right strokes to ease my cramped muscles (cramped from a full-previous day of fun at“Wonderla” water rides and roller coasters). After about 60 minutes of this art of healing we took steam and soaked in all the goodness. The bathrooms were delightfully spacious. The attendant was kind enough to blow dry and set my hair after the bath and I felt ‘If I do this everyday, I will definitely attain nirvana’. welcome drinkroomIMG_20160705_191912_HDR

If there were more words for rejuvenation and relaxation, I would use them here, for that is what a good massage does to you. Goodness of essential oils of lavender, tea tree and geranium stimulate circulation, ease tensions and totally leave you wanting for more.

My writing here can only make you imagine but to feel the true kindling of a massage, please visit Spa la Vie by L’Occitane. In the meantime, check-out some of their skin care products I recommend:product 1product2

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