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They say that you aren’t growing if you aren’t helping your community. Shrujan Trust seems to have mastered this in the 46 years of their service by connecting untouched communities of Kutch region to modern consumers by means of handmade-embroidered apparels.

Shrujan is a not-for-profit making trust that is empowering 3,500 women across 100 villages; and the story of their origin is as interesting as the garments are gracious. In 1900s Chandaben Shroff had visited the drought hit Gujarat region in order to provide aid to communities there. While providing people with foodstuff she realized that several Bhuj community members wanted to work in exchange for the help. What she also observed was the intricate, attractive embroidery that was designed by women of these communities. As a idea of sorts, Chandaben provided these women with 30 different sarees and asked them to hand-embroider the sarees with traditional art. When these Sarees were put in an exhibition in Mumbai each piece was sold-off with demand for more, thus bringing Shrujan Trust Fund to life.

Recently they had organized an exhibition in Bangalore at Raintree Hotel where they exhibited the most exquisite & unique hand embroidered collection ranging from  Sarees, Dupattas, Tops, Shawls, Bags, cushion-covers & wall hangings.




I bought a lovely pink peplum top in Pakko style of embroidery, handmade by one of the Kutch artisans (detail shown the first image). I later went onto their website to learn more about the various communities and types of embroidery each community represent. Did you know there are about 15 types of embroideries that originate from Kutch regions?

For countless generations, these craft have been passed on from the mother to the daughter, read about it on Shrujan website here.  I think it’s great that Shrujan is making women entrepreneurs in the comfort of their homes.

As for my look, I themed it “Summer Observer”:


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